Sour Diesel

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 Sativa dominant hybrid

THC 17 to 27%
CBD  2%   
Sativa content 80%
Indica Content 20%
Effects Cerebral, Energizing, Euphoria, Happy
ADD/ADHD, Arthritis, 
Chronic Pain, Depression, 
Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Nausea, Stress
Best For Day time use 


Sour Diesel weed

Buy Sour Diesel Weed. Sometimes abbreviated as Sour D, Sour Diesel is an extremely popular strain, distinguished by the fuel-like chemical smell of its flowers. what is sour diesel weed

Sour Diesel weed is categorized as a sativa marijuana strain, with very little indica-like elements within its personality, featuring a 90% sativa and 10% indica ratio. Those who regularly enjoy consuming Sour D, have reported feeling effervescent, simply bubbling with excitement and vibrance. Sour Diesel Weed gained prominence in New York in the mid-90s when breeder AJ (short for A**hole Joe,) accidentally pollinated a Chemdawg 91 female with pollen from a Super Skunk he acquired during a trip to Amsterdam, the end result Sour Diesel, was reportedly named for the way it soured business relationships as it spread through New York’s underground cannabis market, causing rifts as it changed hands among growers. weed strains sour diesel

If you are searching for a marijuana strain that will provide you with some serious couch-locking, body-melting relaxation, Sour Diesel weed is not going to be your culprit. is sour diesel good weed

Sour Diesel Weed emanates an extremely strong odor of skunk, gasoline, and lemon. So it may not be one of the most tastiest (unless you love those dank strains, of course), but it really does pack a punch in terms of effects. sour diesel weed for sale

Sour Diesel Weed Appearance, Aroma and Flavor


Know for its classic, leafy green sugar leaves, Sour Diesel has  slightly orange pistils that brings life to this reefer crop. The nuggets of Sour Diesel are often very frosty, covered with a multitude of tiny shining crystals that all signify the extreme potency of Sour D. what is sour diesel weed good for


Flavor and Aroma

This strain has the term “diesel” in its name for a pretty specific reason. Believe it or not, Sour Diesel has one of the stickiest, most pungent aromas of any marijuana strain, which is partially what has brought it such success and fame throughout the marijuana world.  lemon sour diesel weed

Not only is its aroma pungent and skunky, you can also expect notes of lemon zest and other citrus fruits hidden in the flavor, likely being the reason why it’s called “Sour”. When smoking this marijuana strain, its flavor is earthy and sometimes laced with a little dash of citrus fruit. Most of all, expect Sour Diesel’s skunky and pungent nature to overwhelm the other elements of its taste, leaving and citrus or spice fairly subtle.  sour diesel weed effects

Medical Benefits and Effects Of Sour Diesel Weed

Medical Benefits:  Depression, Stress, Fatigue, Pain, Headaches

Effects:  Happy, Euphoric, Uplifted,, Creative,  Energetic

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1 pound, 1/2 pounds, 1/4 pounds, 14grams, 1oz

85 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. Willie Lander

    So delicious! And I find it energizing, great for a long walk where you can let your mind wander. This strain puts me in a smiley mood and makes me think positively about things.

  2. David L. Covington

    I am so high I could pass a pregnancy test rn. Like I’m thinking at such a high level that it’s basically like having two people inside me!

  3. Michelle L

    Happy, uplifting, euphoric strain that also helps anxiety & depression stemming from pain- which it also helps! Sour D never lets me down 🤗✌🏻️💙

  4. Matthew T. Oneil

    Very euphoric feeling, gave me great energy and erased all anxiety. Also makes me feel like I want to go an adventure, Sour D is a great day strain and still allows you to be productive and focused.

  5. Roscoe M. Salvato

    love the smell. loud stinky n pretty bud. medium dense buds. stony high. Pluto level

  6. Natalie T. Lee

    It hits like a champ, almost always making me cough heavily and practically paralyzes the lungs. The high comes up very quick and it’s a dreamy, spacy high that for me is very inspiring and creative. Enlightenment with each toke… but too much would make me shy away from crowds. Sour diesel also has a brilliant body high that eventually overtakes the stunning mind display and sets me down in a really sleepy manner. Careful with this one, it can be a humbling experience..

  7. Robert E. Nelson

    This strain can go either way. You can end up focused, creative, energetic, and uplifted. You can also end up sleepy, hungry, paranoid, and passing out on your best friend’s couch. Be prepared for either scenario.

  8. Viola J. Gross

    Sour Diesel is a great daytime strain. It is one of the best I’ve found for bipolar. It is also one of my favorites to enjoy while cooking.

  9. Yvonne D. Cohen

    I didn’t think the smell or taste was as pungent as most people say on here but the high was a very cerebral, out of body, dreamy high. if you like your weed to let you stay in control then I wouldn’t recommend it. I was in Buffalo wild wings last after shredding some sour d and I noticed quite quickly that it was too strong for me to be in public. sour D really opens your mind and makes you feel great and I really loved it..

  10. Jackie P.

    Absolutely one of my current favorites. Tried it for the first time around a week ago, and let me tell you what- the post-high itself is almost as great as the high itself. Personally, I’ve felt giggly and out of t for a while every time I’ve smoked this, but after the initial craziness wore off the second time, I attended a café poetry reading and felt every single word of it on an emotional and euphoria-inducing level and not a single person knew I was high as a kite. thumbs up THC…

  11. R. Hernandez

    Good strain, quality high, strong aroma

  12. Kathleen B. Washington

    This is in my top 5 Strains I love how it makes me want to write story’s or make graphic art

  13. Linda Washington

    always a great strain.
    a great day time smoke.

  14. Richard T.

    I definitely recommend sour diesel. This strain has helped tremendously with my anxiety and stress. For a solid amount of hours, I have mental peace and feel absolutely no pressure from any aspect of life. It will help if you need it to, and still makes life better if you’re fine to start with.

  15. Personal Loans

    All time favorite of mine when genetics and grow are on point. Simply LOVE this strain for Bi-polar, it provides amazing medicinal value for my anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, stress creativity. Added bonus FUN strain. Sour diesel helps me be a normal person(almost).

  16. Paulbyday

    I recommend this website I give them a 100% credit.

  17. Jeannette R. Goodale

    I have a 6 ounce bag of this shit. it is the best for pain relief.

  18. Mooring Kinsly

    The 2nd best sativa I’ve ever had.
    Really good smell and high!

  19. Raymond K. Trujillo

    🌲🍊 Two bowls for breakfast to start off every day; Sour D then Captain C and I’ll be on my way! Sour Diesel is the dreamy legend that will never lose it’s place in the hall of fame. This strain will blow your mind. There is not one thing about this strain that I don’t like. It smells so pungent and it’s effects are so strong. This is what a sativa is all about. It’s hard to find a high quite like Sour D’s. I will forever love this strain. Keep up the good work guys…

  20. Jennie J. Hill

    It’s an everyday strain not bad but not the best. A good middle ground strain.

  21. Marjorie Albers

    My personal favorite, got it straight out of Colorado, with some Bruce Banner. Can’t wait to get some again.

  22. Denbyday

    I really love this strain for my daily a activities I even had a cart of the sour diesel flavor you guys are the best. Highly recommend.

  23. Paul

    This was the first strain that really helped with my IBS. It has a distinct pungent fuel smell, that I hunt for in other strains. The buds are light in color and usually have a lot of visible pistils.

  24. David

    AMAZING strain! I tend to choose the fruity strains over gasoline taste. I ordered an ounce to try but I should have taken more. The ”diesel” aroma is so great! Will buy again

  25. L. Pruett

    Amazing buzz. I feel totally productive when using this. Smelly AF so watch out if you are in public.

  26. Alysha W. Chapman

    I’m trying this strain right now and it has its perks, I’m enjoying it so far. I’m a very task oriented person. This is a very true sativa strain, Similar to Green Crack. When you smoke this strain, I think it’s pretty dry and can be irritating for the throat. I also wanted to note that I had a headache earlier from a session. It is good for sciatica, back and foot pain. I have energy to think quickly and act. Wake and bake approved. I would recommend it

  27. Jack L. Polen

    Extremely uplifting. Very intense and mellowing mind high, with subtle hints of full body relaxation. Best strain for social settings ever to meet my lungs. I highly recommend SD, and I mean that both literally and metaphorically.

  28. T. Mendez

    very tasty had a very great vibe during the high. helps you go right the f*ck to sleep I RECOMMEND TO ANYONE.

  29. Bradley C. Hart

    Nice taste and smell, average cerebral stimulation at best. Mild relaxation. No couch lock.

  30. Linda J. Fisher

    Potent head heavy sativa, everything felt amazing and i couldnt stop laughing. Great wake and bake, also super cerebral.

  31. William D. Kidwell

    Happy, uplifting, euphoric strain that also helps anxiety & depression stemming from pain- which it also helps! Sour D never lets me down 🤗✌🏻️💙

  32. Raymond

    NOW WE ARE TALKING FOLKS! This was the first strain I ever tried when I got my marijuana card. I LOVE this strain. It doesn’t knock you out, but still puts you in a really relaxed and happy mood.

  33. Debbra

    So good. Pretty smelly, but one of my favourite strains for the buzz.

  34. K Arthur

    nice sativa buzz, can’t go wrong

  35. Katharina

    Taste’s delicious! Fruity flavor that eases muscle spasms. 🍓🍒 LOVE it!

  36. Marilyn

    wow could’t believe the high

  37. Diane

    It’s the great white shark strain I remember, potent body high effects immediately noticeable due to the high cbd in this strain. This is strain is as close to a 1:1 dosage of cbd to thc all in one plant.

  38. OWNER

    thanks for my favorite sativa just had a j

  39. Alfred

    I did not quite feel any relieving effects from this strain, definitely given the impression it would be strong by the smell, the appearance and rating at the dispensary. It was like any average – sub par strain. I only became a little buzzed and it wasn’t for very long.

  40. Liza B. Applewhite

    Energetic. Long lasting. Cerebral. Creative. Good stuff!

  41. Shelby A. Carlson

    Sour Diesel is one of the few sativa-dom strains that I’d describe as ‘perfect’ for daytime use, although it can be a little too much closer to bed. I’d best describe it as being good at just “cutting out the crap” that’s getting in the way of your productivity, without negatively affecting cognitive function to a significantly negative extent.

  42. Debbie N. Tolliver

    Great flavor. Lasts for awhile then a nice head high. Leaves you satisfied.

  43. Robert

    Unreal, definitely the real “diesel”. Not going to be badmouthing this strain anytime soon.

  44. B. McElroy

    Amazing buzzz

  45. Deborah R.

    Was okay– very good quality, just not to my tastes. I didn’t find the high anything mindblowing, guess i have to switch to concentrates but it was very pleasant.

  46. Mary D. Doney

    Enjoyed a few gravity’s of this earlier in the day and it got me nicely stoned for the two hour ride to Worcester. It was a clear high and made my day just a little brighter.

  47. Damian.

    Nice high, great color, great fruity taste.

  48. Paydayloan

    Absolutely my favorite strain. It has been my favorite strain since 2003 and has been going strong every since. Nothing at all bad to say about this strain. Smells great, taste great, & will leave you incredibly high. Definitely a great herb to pick up

  49. Terry A.

    It’s a great sativa for getting things done. If you like skunky, gassy weed then this is for you. Super strong. Would only toke this in the a.m. or when an all-nighter is called for. So-so for pain, but great for energy and beating down depression.

  50. Betran

    Delivery was delayed but I still had my product and just like I thought this strain is helped me with my back pain from last months surgery…

  51. Amybyday

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  52. Chantal A.

    I find sour diesel to be very very helpful with my conditions it gives me that kick in the butt in the morning being I’m not a coffee drinker..

  53. prudence

    Flying in the air right now feeling like don’t know what I wanna do right now y’all THC Bulk Supplies are the best.

  54. Andy Shieman

    I have chronic daily headache, spasm & bulging disk in my neck from a car accident. This strain makes life worth living. It removes the head pressure/tightness & lifts my spirits. Thumbs up THC Bulk Supplies y’all are the best.

  55. Alvin

    I’ll smoke it if that’s what’s around, but it’s not my favorite strain. I pride myself on being able to consume mass quantities so I don’t think the high THC level is to blame, but this strain makes me nauseous. Not nauseous enough to make me puke, but enough to notice and make me choose something else.

  56. Shawn R.

    Thus legendary strain feels dope as hell, makes me think a lot and feels great.

  57. Mary Sanchez

    For sure this monster is my all day favorite sativa If you are looking for a long energy booster then look no further than this legendary sativa monster the sour d.

  58. Eugenia Bell

    The classic kick you in your head stinky sticky sour D! It’s been around forever for a reason. Pure gas, if she doesn’t get ya high then I wouldn’t know what to say… she’s a racy little bitch with a couch lock comedown.

  59. Tina M.

    Best strain to me for for motivation and stress relief. It’s actually making me want to write again, so that basically says it all. Amazing, top quality medicine… THC Bulk are the best you deserve a five star.

  60. Edison Jacksman

    I couldnt go without recommending this strain to any one who wants a boost during the day.
    Though shipping was a bit delayed but it came sound and safe…

  61. Amybyday

    Sour Diesel has always been one of my favorite Sativa’s. It always tastes great and smells amazing and the high is off the charts. It really is an uplifting strain that relaxes you at the same time. I’m prone to high anxiety and paranoia when smoking strong Sativa’s but Sour D has never produced either for me. The high starts in the head, filling it with warm vibes and spreads like a wave through the rest of the body, relaxing every muscle as it flows through you. I always feel kind of spacey on it yet always worry free. Love this strain!

  62. Kiabyday

    Strong high. Long lasting. Sticky.

  63. Mark Tasha.

    Perfect for wake ‘n bake with a nice mug of One Love!…motivate, create the day you wish to see!…beauty, peace, art i highly recommend this strain to any one seeking boost during the day.

  64. Lisa T

    Good smoke that leaves you energetic, clearheaded and happy. Would be great for outdoor adventures.

  65. Paulbyday

    Tried first time today. WOW this is amazing grass. Strong AF but super pleasant and enjoyable. Very strong and invigorating and happy. 10 out of 10

  66. Tiffany J. Holland

    I have been waiting quite a while to try this strain, and I have to say it was more than well worth the wait! What I experienced: Piney taste, mild cough, medium body buzz, medium head buzz, I am clear-headed and focused, creative, uplifted and energetic. I am very impressed as this strain is delivering better than I expected. It is a mild and relaxing high, without the, “I just want to kick back and relax”. This is a great strain for inside office work!!!

  67. Thomas M. Perez

    Yes, this is a beautiful strain. Great for relaxing, first it hits your head floating into your body. Listen to your playlists, forget your pain and other shit.

  68. Andres C

    Okay, I got this through my dealer for the first time a week ago. Overall I have to agree with most of the other reviews. But there is one serious con. Let’s start with the pros: Euphoric, energetic, creative and, happy. A nice, long high with a subtle come down. Didn’t mind the taste and definitely gets your mind off your worries for a while. Cons – WARNING: Now, I should preface this by saying I base this on my individual experience and it may vary person to person. This is what I would call a “stay at home high”. I went out last night and lit up prior and I was tripping like a mess, the affect this stuff has on your motor skills had me shaking & staggering around and I had a panic attack, I couldn’t really enjoy the event I went out to see. Conclusion: Most affective when taken at home or in the company of close, trusted friends and great music to accompany it.

  69. Susan T. Morin

    This monster is very fast-acting, and very potent. Very heady high, and long-lasting. Took a puff of this, took a four hour nap, woke up still feeling absolutely blunted. Very good for fighting nausea and lack of appetite, cuz you get the munchies pretty hardcore. Completely destroyed my anxiety mid-attack and had me giggling for a good ten minutes about thirty minutes later. Very, very good stuff.

  70. Thomas Kowalski

    Veery high. Smoked with kief sprinkled over it, now I’m laying in bed blasting music and having the time of my life. Not really, but you know what I mean

  71. Mark Tasha.

    just grew some this year. stuff packs quite the body buzz punch! Great head high as well. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than this strain…

  72. Jon D. Peele

    Feels dizzy, sounds get more accurate and memories surface easily.

  73. Mark E. Castle

    Sour D is what everyone who smokes wouldn’t say anything bad about but I just don’t like chasing blunt after blunt I love2smoke but not like that…. pray it never gets out of stock.

  74. Kelly Warren

    Sour Diesel has been notoriously the choice of many hip-hop stars as their go to herb and all the reviews here at THC are pretty generous so it was top of list for me…. it delivered! Smooth smoking, great presentation, slows everything down to a medium-pace and gives you the perfect “eyes half closed buzz” for me. I didn’t get serious munchies but was thirsty which is the norm. The taste didn’t blow me away like those of the Lemon/Blueberry strain which I will likely review next but it definitely wasn’t terrible and the smell was quite pungent. This will be my go to this year will be back soon I mean real soon

  75. Amybyday

    I’ve been without meds for days now. fell asleep around 11:30 still waiting on the impending delivery. woke upjust after midnight to the sound of trees banging on my door. three bonghits later its 2:34 am and i finished some laundry, did a pedicure on my dawgs, and had some tomato soup. gonna pull another rip or two and see what else needs. done. oh, hell yeah, medicine bag is full.

  76. Louis K.

    Very good strain to relax, but doesn’t put me out unless I overdo it. Nice head high and feelings relaxation. My favorite new strain, doesn’t increase anxiety which is hard to find for me.

  77. R. Bridges

    Definitely a fantastic wake and bake. For me this smoke falls near the top, with Green Crack, Jack Herer, and strawberry cough. Can’t go wrong, happy, and definitely a “up buzz”. Enjoy my friends. 😎🍭🌱

  78. Joseph

    Love the show hope that bud gets u higher than a kite

  79. Ronald S.

    I think this strain is amazing for motivation and stress relief. It’s actually making me want to write again, so that basically says it all. Amazing, top quality medicine…

  80. Ian K.

    Do not smoke this unless you know you can handle the CBN with the high THC. I love feeling heavy and I am always amazed that this is only 10% Indica.

  81. Marvin U.

    Fabulous daytime strain !! Indoor/Outdoor – Energy, focus, drive, creativity I have become accustomed to Durban poison for my morning and afternoon sativas as my favorite. But I am trying every strain I can get my hands on, when I have the extra cash to do so. So I ordered Sour Diesel from THC Bulk Supplies, and could not be more pleased with the 24% strain. High energy both outside and inside, good focus if you take about half your normal dosage during the working day. The trick I am learning is that the affects are affected by the environment you are in, indoor vs outdoor, quiet vs noisy, at the beach or walking a nature trail. What do I mean by that? I find that if I am indoors and searching google, and some strains even though sativa, I will get too relaxed and sleepy. But if I take the same amount of the same strain and go outside, I am zipping around getting all those honey do list items knocked out. Have to give THC Bulk Supplies a thumbs up – Awesome products and awesome service !

  82. Payday

    Super powerful head high that hits pretty hard. Really skank taste, but hella good high. Beware of headaches.

  83. Ericka Conley

    I usually read other people’s reviews of strains when I am considering buying. I bought some of this strain yesterday, and I find it to be quite potent, as others said! First I took one bong hit and waited a few minutes to see what effects emerged after one hit. I may not have waited long enough before walking out of the house with my dog, to take her for her walk. By the time we had walked 1/4 mile to the park, I was beginning to see what others had been describing! It does have a nice heavy body hit and I was so glad I had not smoked any more than I did before leaving the house. So, I would say that this is not the ideal strain, for me, if I need to actually do anything remotely active – which includes walking the dog! However, later on, when I was sure I was in for the evening and would not be required to go out again, I smoked another couple of hits. It’s really strong, for me. I then saw what other reviewers were saying about this being the perfect strain for chilling and watching tv, which is exactly what I did. I did find that it allows my mind to wander nicely without falling asleep or losing the thread of even a simple soap! I enjoy the giggles – I am always on the lookout for strains that make me giggle, to fall about laughing, but I have great difficulty finding strains that work in that way, for me. This one is, so far, so I’m going to enjoy this strain while I can.

  84. Steve M. Wilkerson

    Just smoked some and it’s very nice indeed

  85. David Downey

    Very nice herb here. gets you high real quick (0/100 real quick). Got in trouble from wife again cause of this strong smell coming from a book bag lol…haven’t spoke in two days…but anyway. Makes u pain free, depression and stress reliever. Great in daytime.

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