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Whether you call ’em spliffs, J’s, fatties, joints, blunts or some other term, we call them prerolls. Prerolls are  popular and convenient way to consume cannabis for multiple reasons.

Prerolls can be sold in packs of individual joints or individually at a dispensary. Whether you’re on the run or out with some friends, prerolls  are easy to travel with.  No one is going to judge you.

Available flavors include;

Girl Scout Cookies
Granddaddy Purple
Lemon Tree
Sky Walker
Sour Diesel


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blueberry kush, g13 haze, girl scout cookies, granddaddy purple, lemon tree, sky walker, sour diesel

Preroll Type

Normal Prerolls, Backwoods, Dankwoods, Packwoods


10, 50, 100

9 reviews for PREROLLS

  1. john jones

    I was very high, from this product. It was better than I was expecting.

  2. A. Sanders

    Awesome pre-roll. As someone who can’t roll a joint to save his life, they’re very handy.

  3. Sarah T. Wilson

    The best joint, at a great price! My go to!

  4. lindaparker

    Good size and great for people like me who can’t master the art of joint rolling

  5. Joanne J. Richards

    Always great rolls, love the packaging as it doubles as a reusable joint holder for those nice nature walks!

  6. Edward C. Young

    Love the containers they store these in. Also the product itself isn’t half bad 😉

  7. Hobert J. Dixon

    Most consistent pre-rolls I’ve brought in a long time. Sativa gets me going during a long day.

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